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Mattress Disposal & Recycling

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In the future, you’ll have to dispose of the mattress you’ve been sleeping on when it’s becoming excruciating and stiff and it is beginning to slide across the middle. It won’t be an easy task if you do it on your own because mattresses are tough to handle and transport. However, we can help you solve this problem. Our experts can help you recycle your bed, so it doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

We Provide Mattress Removal Services Near Your City

We’re glad to assist local customers. We hope you’ll allow us to tackle this problem for you. When you’re ready, to begin with, us, contact our office. Then, we’ll send some friendly junk removal specialists to your residence. They’ll learn more about the situation and develop solutions to the problem. It’s best to let an expert handle your mattress so that you won’t have to fret about hurting your back and damaging any items in your home.

Donating It

It’s an excellent idea to find a way to give your mattress away. It is more beneficial than sending the old item to the dump. First, you need to ensure the mattress is in good working condition. It should be free of marks and tears. If it’s in great shape, you’ll likely get someone to take it. If you need help giving away your old mattress, contact our office. We’ll transport it over to our donation center for you.

What About Mattresses Infested With Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a common occurrence in our area. Therefore, there is a risk that you’re going to encounter them at some time. If they do appear, you’re likely to see them on your mattress. But, we’ll be in a position to help you. It will all depend on the rules in your region. If we can take this route, it is important to know if it is the right time to call. It’s usually a good idea to set up the mattress protector for bed bugs to stop the bugs from getting out of the mattress. No matter what, we’re here to assist.

Call us and tell us about your issue. We’ll help you solve the problem right away.

Recycling An Old Mattress

You’ll be thrilled to know that you can reuse an old mattress. We strongly recommend this action because it will protect the ecosystem. Mattresses are typically made up of 80% to 90% of all materials recycled. We will transport your mattress to a recycling facility for you.

Which Mattress Components Can Be Recycled?

Are you thinking of recycling your mattress? Remember that many mattress components can be reused. For example, the recycling facility will take springs, stuffing, fabric, and frames. It is unsafe to leave your mattress in the garbage because the waste management firm will not take it. Instead, it would help if you let us take it away for you.

Recycling A Mattress Is Better For The Environment

If you’re committed to protecting the environment, recycling your old mattress is recommended. Doing so will prove to be the best option. If the item is sent to the landfill, It will create problems for the environment over the long term. Let us assist you in recycling it. Doing so is better than trying to send it to the landfill.

When To Buy A New Mattress

Mattresses can be expensive, so you don’t want to buy a new one unless you have to. So, it is recommended to use the following information to your advantage.

  • It would be best to consider buying a brand modern mattress once every eight years.
  • When the mattress squeaks or squeaks, it could be an ideal time to replace it.
  • If you’re sleeping in the middle of the mattress, consider buying a brand new mattress.
  • When you wake up with an aching back, It could be time to replace your old mattress.
  • If you’re not getting enough rest each night, it could be an issue with your mattress.
  • If the mattress is falling across the middle of the mattress, it needs to be replaced.
  • Replace your mattress if you begin to notice signs of dust allergy.

If you’re ready to get rid of that old mattress, do not hesitate to call us, and we’ll get it removed for you.

Old Mattresses Cause Allergy Problems

Be aware that the mattress you’ve had for a long time may lead to allergy problems in the future. This is because you’ll be breathing in the harmful toxins affixed to your mattress. Avoid this by replacing your old mattress. Our technicians can help. We can take away all types of old mattresses, including foam mattresses, latex mattresses, air beds, water beds, and more.

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